David Daniel

Helping people
make the world better

I’m a design thinker who loves to help turn amazing ideas into reality. I solve problems wherever I find them to create solutions that make a positive impact.

David Daniel

Helping people
make the world

I’m a design thinker with an insatiable curiosity about both the complexity of systems and the nuance of experience.

Drawing on empathy, experience, and a habit of continual learning, I solve problems wherever I find them to create solutions that make a positive impact.


What I love to do…

We’re all uniquely designed to make an impact in this world. I love helping people discover this reality and live it out in their business and everyday lives.

Whether it’s helping mission-driven organizations tell their story or grow and sustain their impact, I'm in.

I love combining experience across disciplines like user experience, design thinking, digital marketing, agile methodologies and team leadership to help individuals and organizations maximize their impact.

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Projects I'm
working on...

Everyday DesignonMissionleadr.design

As a leader,
you face change
and complexity daily…

Even when you have a plan, execution can be a challenge.  

You’re not alone.

Imagine having someone come alongside to provide focus, feedback and insight.

You can move from feeling like you’re spinning your wheels to gaining the traction to take a long-term high-impact approach.

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As a design
strategy coach…

I focus on a couple of outcomes for individuals and organizations.

  • Strengthening your leadership to maximize your potential.
  • Simplifying your message to be clear, consistent and compelling.
  • Designing workflows so you can scale your impact.
  • Facilitating lightbulb moments so your team can overcome its biggest challenges.
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Where you
can find me..

Dan Tietz

Chief of Staff for Bridges International
David was a great help to us in Bridges International in the midst of great challenges during the pandemic.

He facilitated a multi-day Sprint that helped us discover a concept for shifting our large national conference online.  David was adept at structuring our time and guiding the conversation.  He had a light touch and drew out insights from the participants while still being clear about the destination for our process.  The product was a framework that we largely brought into reality five months later.  Our staff were amazed with what we were able to accomplish with a virtual event and David was crucial for laying the foundation for that success!

David helped our agency learn new ways of think, closing gaps in how we approached creative projects.

As an internal creative agency for a large non profit, we struggled with estimating how long projects would take and scoping the level of effort to deliver a solution. David came in and looked at our current reality and what problems we were facing. He helped us implement an Agile framework that worked with our creative agency needs. We gained a shared sense of ownership and we were able to complete projects on time and within budget.

Dave Brewster

Team Leader at Creative One Media

Better Together...

I love connecting with others to learn from one another and together grow.

Whether it’s projects to collaborate on, ideas to share or questions to ask…

let’s talk.

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Each day you’re working to make a difference. There’s just a lot to get done. It can be easy to feel overloaded, or like you’re just spinning your wheels to have a meaningful impact.

I work with you to design solutions, frameworks, or habits that allow you to focus on what’s important. These solutions maximize your impact, freeing you to take a long-term high-impact approach.

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